So, I logged into this account to change the theme on my old URLs and discovered that a lot of people still follow this blog for some reason?


So, this blog is gonna turn into an archive.

It probably seems silly, but I just feel like I’m due for a fresh start. I’ve done this before (like, uh, a while ago) and I really wanna do it again; I have for a while. So, I’m just gonna take a step back and give myself a nice, fresh start. I just want a blog that’s more organized than this one and, I dunno, not attached to the blog that this one started out as. Obviously, I’m going to go over there and follow a good chunk of the blogs that I currently follow here, but it’ll take a while ‘cause I hear Tumblr has a follow limit now (dumb) and I also want to follow a bunch of new blogs that are, you know, relevant to my new interests and stuff. ‘Cause, uh, yeah. I just need a fresh start all across the board. So, call me whatever you want, but I’m outta here~

You can find me right here, from now on.

Also, I’m queuing this post. So, sorry if you see it more than once.

omg, making a new blog and writing down everyone I need to re-follow is so. fucking. tedious.

Never Ending List of Musicals → 8. How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

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Celia Keenan-Bolger and Gavin Creel

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Voting While Trans


Transgender people, the majority of whom have never had problems voting in the past, may now lose their right to vote due to dozens of new voter suppression laws. Over 25,000 transgender people could have their voting rights taken away. In response to these dubious new laws, we have released two resources to help transgender people reclaim their voting rights.

Definitely take a look at this website if you’re eligible to vote this upcoming election! It’s extremely important, considering that Romney will literally try to take away our basic human and legal rights. Spread this around as well so your trans* followers can see it.

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Mal: Okay, help me find our man. He’s supposed to be older, kind of stocky, wears a red sash crossways.
Kaylee: Why does he do that?
Mal: Maybe he won first place in the Miss Persephone pageant; just help me look.

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